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Mr Kronhagel teaches new arrivals the German language and explains that, in his experience, whilst many want to work and integrate, too many refuse to assimilate into German culture and society. Image caption The AfD has seen a resurgence in the German polls "In a way," he says, "AfD is already sitting at the table of government. It's the most influential party in Germany because it breathes down the neck of the mainstream parties. "You can see the concrete results of that in Germany's new asylum laws. People are tired of hearing the same old things." Nationally, support for AfD surged during the refugee crisis but diminished as migrant numbers fell. But it's climbed back up in the polls, largely thanks to a campaign which focuses on immigration. One shows a pregnant white woman with the slogan "New Germans? We make them ourselves". Another shows two bikini clad white women along with the catchphrase "Burkas? We like bikinis".

(Andrew Burton / Getty Images) Michel Daher was running a fast-growing potato chip company in Lebanon when he got caught up in the euphoria of the late-1990s Silicon Valley tech boom. He bought shares in a block of tech companies that went public at the time, and he sold some stock before online business models fizzled and the market tanked. But more important for Los Angeles, the hoopla around tech got Daher to meet with Yves Sisteron and Steven Deitz through a mutual connection. Sisteron and Dietz were partners at the venture capital firm now known as Upfront Ventures, and they needed cash for their second fund to invest in start-ups. Daher obliged. Since his first check in 2000, Daher, 56, and his son, Mark, 27, have continued to invest not only in subsequent Upfront Ventures funds but also in several other Southern California investment funds and start-ups. Though their efforts haven’t been well publicized, the Dahers have become among the biggest supporters of Los Angeles tech companies behind the scenes. “They are fantastic because they bring both a global perspective and true operating experience because they are entrepreneurs themselves,” Mark Suster, managing partner at Upfront Ventures , said in an email. Some of Daher Capital’s three dozen investments include mobile games start-up Seriously, media company Mitu, advertising software firm Steelhouse, bedsheet seller Parachute Home and online marketplace for clothing ผ้าปูที่นอน jessica Tradesy.

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